Immigration Law for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and the Arts


At Pretorius Law we are dedicated to serving your immigration needs. We focus on assisting several key groups of individuals in need of temporary visas, Green Cards, and U.S. Citizenship. These groups include foreign-born entrepreneurs, investors, start-up companies, and professional workers in all industries.

Founder Hendrik Pretorius, an immigrant himself, understands the value of foreign born talent in the U.S. and is passionate about advocating for your rights. At Pretorius Law we work with individuals in various stages of their chosen careers and with entrepreneurs and businesses in various stages of development. Those who are seeking to invest in the U.S. can also feel comfortable at Pretorius Law as Attorney Pretorius has helped many investors obtain green cards over his career.


Immigration Services We Provide:

Entrepreneur / Investor Visas:
You foster growth, development, and ingenuity in the U.S. Let us take care of your visa needs. At Pretorius Law we have experience helping experienced and fresh entrepreneurs alike in various industries, as well as individuals looking to invest in the future of the U.S.

Extraordinary Ability Visas:
You are vital to the cultural growth of the U.S. Let us take care of your visa needs. Immigration lawyer Hendrik Pretorius has successfuly assisted many individuals in the music, film, and television industries, as well as models and athletes, to obtain U.S. working visas.

Professional Worker Visas:
You strengthen the U.S. economy. Let us take care of your visa needs. Pretorius Law is experienced in helping you focus on your profession and not the completes of the U.S. immigration system. Let us guide your company and individual employees through this process.

Employment-Based Green Cards:
You are the long-term strength of the U.S. economy. Pretorius Law has experience in guiding many professional workers, with varying working and educational backgrounds, as well as various individuals with extraordinary ability to obtain permanent residency in the U.S.

You are the U.S. At Pretorius Law we will assist you in completing your journey through visa processing by helping you achieve U.S. Citizenship.